Science confirms fat-torching HIIT as a bonafide life-lengthener – it doesn’t end there, either. Having done the rounds for a few years now, HIIT — high-intensity interval training — has cemented itself as the go-to routine for torching and packing on muscle. Offering a far superior fat-burn to steady state sports, it now has begun checking…

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I’m about to share with you the single best exercise for burning fat. But first, I want to explain the number one mistake people are making in the gym, today.

This mistake is leading to some pretty big consequences like:

Causing you to age faster
Breaking down your joints
Causing your body to STORE fat, instead of burn it
Causing your hormones to get out of balance
The number one mistake is doing way too…

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If you’re reading this and pondering how to lose 20 pounds, I already know something about you: You want to find a fitness program to lose weight, burn fat and look lean. Maybe you want to get that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of or finally fit back into your wedding dress, look great in a swimsuit or just simply feel better.

Whatever the goal, you are certainly not alone. Most…

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It’s all over the news. Pro athletes have discovered what others have known for years—Pilates works. Hardtfit co-owner and Lead STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, takes a closer look three reasons why Pilates makes it to the big leagues.

Antonio Brown (pro football), Hollie Avil (triathlete), Roger Federer (tennis champion) and Dara Torres (sprinter) have reported Pilates improved their athletic performance and reduced injuries. In preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics,…

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High-intensity interval training , also called HIIT workouts, have become known in the fitness and medical world as one of the most effective means of improving cardiovascular health, respiratory endurance, as well as metabolic function.

HIIT workouts are known to be an excellent way to burn fat in a short period of time and to help improve the physical performance of athletes of all kinds. (1)

For most people, because it’s…

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